New York Penal Law § 220.03 Criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree

Article 220 of the Penal Law defines crimes involving the possession, sale and manufacture of controlled substances. There are a number of factors which will effect the level of the narcotics offense including whether the controlled substance was sold or just possessed, the type of controlled substance and the weight or quantity of the controlled substance.

Being charged with selling a controlled substance is generally charged more severely than possession.  However, at large possession amounts, a defendant can be charged with intending to sell the drug at the same severity as an actual sale.  

The type of controlled substance may impact the charge as well.  There are seven categories of controlled substances: narcotic drugs, narcotic preparations, hallucinogens, hallucinogenic substances, stimulants, dangerous depressants and depressants.

The weight of the substance can be another aggravating factor. While certain weights are measured by aggregate weight (regardless of purity), many charges require a certain weight of pure drug.  

Article 221 defines marihuana offenses. The main factor affecting the charge is the weight of the marihuana possessed or sold. Unlike other drugs, marijuana only measures by aggregate weight and never requires purity. Possession of marihuana weighing less than twenty-five grams is only charged as a violation, not a crime, unless the possession is in a public place and burning or open to public view, in which case the charge would be a B misdemeanor.

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