Domestic Violence Lawyer in Nassau County, New York

Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

Richard Hochhauser is a former Nassau County prosecutor who is experienced in all aspects of criminal law. As an ADA, he prosecuted thousands of criminal cases, including those involving DWI, DUI, hit and run, drug possession and sale, assault, domestic violence, larceny, financial fraud, ID theft, and many others. He is an experienced criminal trial attorney having successfully tried numerous cases to verdict. As a Nassau County Criminal Defense Attorney and a seasoned trial lawyer, Richard won’t hesitate to hold the government to its burden, and force the prosecutor to prove that they have a case. If you or a loved one is charged with a criminal case in Nassau County, know that your case is in capable hands with Nassau County Criminal Attorney Richard Hochhauser.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Nassau County, New York

Relationships can be difficult and unfortunately, sometimes people in relationships mistreat and abuse each other. When someone in a relationship exhibits a pattern of behavior that is being used to gain control over their partner, it can be a form of domestic violence. Although many people believe domestic violence refers only to physical violence, that is not the case. Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, can be sexual, psychological, emotional, and even economic.

However, because domestic violence cases can be difficult to prove, it is not uncommon for people to be falsely accused of domestic violence. If you or a loved one has been accused of domestic violence in New York and you’re unsure what to do, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in Nassau County to discuss your case. Being convicted of a domestic violence offense in NY can come with serious consequences, including heavy fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record.

Hiring a domestic violence attorney in New York

It’s important to remember that for an offense to be considered a form of domestic violence, the two people involved must be in a relationship. Domestic violence can only refer to crimes between the following individuals:

  • People who are related or share housing.
  • Married couples or people in domestic partnerships or formerly married couples and people in domestic partnerships.
  • People who have children together.
  • People who were previously in an intimate relationship.

Domestic violence is a descriptive term used to describe a wide range of unique crimes that you can be charged with, if accused of domestic violence. There are many different types of domestic violence and the penalties for each charge will depend on the situation.

Listed below are some of the most common types of domestic violence in NY:

    • Physical abuse: This can include punching, slapping, pushing, hitting, stabbing, or causing physical harm to someone you are in a relationship with. It can also include things such as withholding physical needs, like food from someone, or physical help if the person is sick or injured. Rape is also a type of physical abuse.
    • Emotional abuse: This type of domestic violence can be more difficult to prove. When a person repeatedly uses verbal attacks to embarrass, degrade, gaslight, manipulate or put down their victims, it can be a form of emotional abuse.
    • Isolation: In some instances, an abuser may limit the people their friends and family can see, leaving them socially isolated. Sometimes victims after being abused also choose to isolate themselves from friends and family. Either way, isolation can be a sign of abuse.
    • Financial abuse: When someone in a relationship uses their economic power to oppress their partner. This can happen in several ways, such as keeping the victim on a meager allowance, preventing them from working and earning their own money or doing something to sabotage their work. Spending the household’s money on frivolous things can also be a form of financial abuse. The elderly are most often subject to financial abuse.
    • Stalking: Most stalking cases are against women. It consists of the unwanted and persistent pursuit of someone, which usually makes the person fear for their lives or that of their loved ones. Stalking often occurs after a relationship has ended. Reading someone’s mail, watching them from afar, or violating a restraining order are all forms of stalking.

    Being accused of a domestic violence crime in NY can be a very serious charge and one that if convicted, can have a huge impact on your quality of life. If you were accused of any type of domestic violence, contact a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney in NY right away.

    Spousal & Child Abuse, Restraining Orders and Threats of Violence

    For victims of domestic violence, there are some provisions in the law that may be able to help you. The first is that you can get an order of protection (also known as a restraining order) either from a criminal or family court. A judge can make an order to the abuser to:

    • Stay away from your home, job, and any other places you specify
    • Not to contact you
    • To be taken by the police from your home if they arrive
    • Not to harass you or commit crimes of reckless endangerment against you

    You can also receive an order from a judge to protect your children. If your order is obtained by a family court, you can make it a requirement that visitations between the abuser and your children are supervised. You can also be awarded legal custody of your children in family court. If the order of protection is violated by the abuser, you then have the right to call the police and have them arrested.



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    At the Law Office of Richard Hochhauser, we have years of experience representing people accused of DWI and Aggravated DWI crimes in Nassau County. We understand the best strategies for building a case, and we’re not afraid to defend your rights in court. For a free consultation with our knowledgeable Nassau County DWI defense attorney, give us a call today at (516) 939-1529 or contact us online.

    False accusations of domestic violence

    Being convicted of a crime under the umbrella of domestic violence in NY can bring a range of penalties, some of which can be severe. For example, an assault charge in the first degree is a felony that can carry up to 25 years of prison and fines up to $5000. Law enforcement in New York takes domestic violence cases very seriously. In fact, when confronted with domestic violence, police officers are required to make arrests. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to innocent people being charged.

    Also, sometimes people involved in a contentious divorce or heated custody battle falsely accuse their partners of domestic violence out of spite or as a way of getting revenge. This can have huge repercussions for the person accused and can lead to fines and jail time, reputational damage, and in some cases, the loss of their professional licenses.

    Fight your domestic violence charges today

    Because being falsely accused of a domestic violence crime in NY can ruin your life if you are convicted, you should contact an experienced domestic violence criminal defense attorney in Nassau County as soon as possible. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in NY can help you fight for your rights, restore your reputation, and keep you out of jail. For a free consultation and case review with a domestic violence lawyer, call the Law Office of Richard Hochhauser at (516) 939-1529 or contact us here online.